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Group Vignette

There are those who ‘under deliver and over promise’ and then there are those who ‘under promise and over deliver’ – we belong to the latter. At Happy Home Group, our work speaks for itself.

Armed with innovation and equipped with conviction, we ventured into the real estate industry in 1979. Thus, began a new era of construction. Our pioneering step into the redevelopment space in 1991 enabled us to give more worth and value to buildings that were already ‘homes’. Just like an artist is known by his art work, we are known by our expertly built structures towering across the beautiful landscapes of Central Dadar-Matunga, Bandra, Ghatkopar and Mulund in the coastal city of Mumbai.

Our projects, each being an example of skilled craftsmanship are a vivid combination of state-of-the-art technologies and traditional values with a motto of walking on the principle of sustainable development. We do not compromise on quality ensuring that our clients’ expectations are not just matched but exceeded by offering optimum space utilisation, better amenities, enhanced safety standards and lifestyles in tune with modern living and high thinking.

Our projects are worth your time, money and energy; our projects are edifices of structural transcendence. 

Performance Track Record


Vision Mission

Dinesh Kuwadia, founder-chairman of Happy Home Group proudly states, “An Acre Of Performance Is Worth The Whole World Of Promise”. This embodies the philosophy of our group that believes in performance over promise. Well kept promises blossom into glorious client-company relationships. Acre by acre we aim to build spaces that are built with a prowess, responsibility and moxie.

The building is an art that defines the future. Our focus lies in constructing buildings that stand tall for your generations to come and enhance their lifestyles, gradually driving them to their personal pinnacles.

If your home is built by Happy Home Group, it will be an epitome of construction and a building marvel, we promise you that. We aspire to embellish the skyline of Mumbai with structures that radiate in light and stand tall in the dark.

Unique Traits

Determined, diligent, approachable, professional, efficient, enthusiastic, focus and innovative are qualities that define the Happy Home Group.


Our Core Values

You First
  • You come first and foremost
  • We aim to surpass your expectations for your homes
  • We ensure your needs are met with at the earliest
  • We do not take your for granted and are available for you
  • We take care of all the technical and legal compliances 
Integrity & Innovation
  • We believe in time-bound execution of our projects
  • Our associates are experts in various fields of architecture, engineering, law etc.
  • We are efficient and innovative
  • We are approachable and disciplined
  • We are synonymous to class, elegance and precision
Diligense & Learning
  • We work hard to meet the project deadlines
  • Discipline is followed by our group
  • We are students for life, keen to learn at every possible moment
Environmental Sensitivity & Social Responsibility
  • Our projects follow ‘green philosophy’
  • We have incorporated sustainable development initiatives, like organic waste management, rain water harvesting and more
  • We are looking into renewable energy sources for our projects like solar energy
  • We encourage human interaction by building recreational facilities like community halls, gyms, play areas and more
  • Our projects are spacious and elegant, liberating you from the urban space-crunch.
  • Your lifestyles are set to be made better with Happy Home Group
  • We construct towering structures with dedicated space for each of your needs
Performance Over Promise
  • We believe in actions, over words
  • We have more than 4000 happy clients
  • Our projects do exactly what is claimed by them
  • The quality of our projects is prime
  • We maintain high moral and ethical standards, not compromising on our integrity

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